Friday, September 11, 2009

Michael Tse threatens to take legal action against false media report of him beating his wife

Michael Tse's wife Tina was admitted to hospital by ambulance the other day. The media reported Michael was out with a film star the previous night, as a result, Tina tried to commit suicide. Another report said Michael was beating Tina up, but asked her not to tell anyone. Although Michael had explained that Tina was in hospital because she had stomach cramp, the rumor still continues.

Yesterday, his lawyer spoke on his behalf stating that Tina did not commit suicide and he has never done anything to hurt his wife. The media reports were all untrue, if the rumors continues, he would take legal action against the media. Michael walked to the hospital at 1:30pm to take Tina home. At 3pm, both of them left the hospital hand in hand. Tina told reporters it was her fault that she didn't eat after she went diving. She was feeling nauseated as she was suffering from sea sickness. As a result, she has severe stomach cramps. Tina said it was nonsense that the report said she was beaten up by Michael. People who know them would not believe that. Michael said if the media was joking, that joke is getting out of hand. He went on to say if the media continues to report such nonsense, he will take legal action against them.

Talking about his involvement with a film star, Michael said someone got hold of a picture and created a gossip. He can't stop people's gossip, but he feels that can lead to very serious outcome. He questioned the intention of the media report.

Michael appeared in TVB "Scoop" yesterday. He said the front cover reported he hit his wife was absolutely nonsense. It is a very serious matter and he could not accept that report because it can ruin his image. The reason that Tina was admitted to hospital was she had stomach cramp due to lack of food after diving and she was sea sick as well. He couldn't drive her to hospital because he was still banned from driving, therefore he called the ambulance. Michael went on to say his mother has been very worried about all the media coverage. If his mother's health is affected because of this, he will certainly get to the bottom of it.

Source:Takungpao/Wenweipo(image)Translator: R.E.D @

I think this is definitely a case of defamation, if he decided to take legal action I think he would have a case wouldn't you think so?


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