Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"East Wind, Rain" Premieres Tonight in Beijing

Director Liu Yunlong's Chinese espionage film "East Wind, Rain" will premiere tonight in Beijing, April 13, 2010, reports.

A portrait of star Fan Bingbing, wearing a huge red dress, has just been released in advance of the premiere. According to the costume designer, this extreme colour aims to emphasize the pain of Fan's character in the film. With a length of 5 metres, the dress was too large to transport by elevator. The cast and crew had to carry it down the stairs to get it outside.

In the film, Fan Bingbing plays a spy during WWII. In order to fulfill her mission and keep the organization's information secret, she sacrifices herself.

Director Liu set the film, which takes place in Shanghai, before and after the attack on Pearl Harbour. The Shanghai of 1941, as presented in the movie, is filled with spies working for different countries and organizations. An Ming, a Chinese agent, works undercover as a pianist in a local pub. He decodes the "East Wind, Rain" message and tries to pass on the information. Director Liu plays An Ming.

The film will hit cinemas on April 21 this year.


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