Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jimmy Lin’s first China modern series lands on Hunan TV

My Lucky Star got very high ratings when it debuted in China in 07. It has since been on reruns numerous times in the last 3 years. Fans of MLS still talk about the series to these days. There were even rumors that there’ll be a sequel with the original cast. Jimmy Lin’s manager said, “They are only rumors. He had to turn down more than 10 series because of the concert tour. The scripts he’s looking at now have nothing to do with MLS.” Jimmy’s new series is 单身公主相亲记, a 30 eps modern comedy: the collaboration between Hunan TV and Shanghai 展杰文化艺术有限公司. This is his first modern series filmed in China.

Jimmy’s attitude towards accepting jobs is quality over quantity. His original plan is to do a movie, the concert tour and a new album. But 单身公主相亲记 is directed by 陈铭章, the director of My Lucky Star. Jimmy said, “I missed the opportunity to work with Director Chen because of the last concert. I have very high regards for him and we work well together. We talked about this series several times and I’ve confidence that this will be a unique comedy.”

Hunan TV usually uses newbies in its original series. This is the first time they hire Jimmy Lin as the male lead with a six-figure fee per episode. The producer 周琳 also has high regards for Jimmy. She will showcase not just his good looks but also his innate comedic charm.

Besides the series Jimmy’s original plan is to hold concerts in Beijing and Chengdu in May. But the visual design team has a time conflict with Director Zhang Yimou’s musical Turandot and the concert has to be postponed. Jimmy’s manager Grace said, “There will be filming of the series and commercials and other commercial activities in the first half of the year. The rest of the time will be devoted to preparing for the concert and the new album.

translation by l_coco @ asianfanatics
source : Sina


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