Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiona Yuen retires from the industry, moves to Vancouver

Source: The Sun

Fiona Yuen attended to a photography gallery yesterday. She disclosed she goes to Guangzhou often to find Chinese recipes for her husband, who has 7 restaurants in Canada. She will return to Canada next month and retire from showbiz.

She said she couldn't give up performing at first, however, seeing her good friend Bell Lau taking good care of her two children and family, but herself has to be separated from her husband, who likes children a lot, Fiona thinks it's time to have a child and become a full time mother. She joked her husband won't let her get involve in the restaurant business except having babies.

Fiona was the second runner of Miss Hong Kong 1996 and Miss International Goodwill of that year. Last year in March, she married Chinese-Canadian Anthony Kong.


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