Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mel Gibson's First Chinese Film

The movie "What women want" starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt is reportedly will be remake in Chinese.
CRI reports:

Chinese actor Andy Lau will work with Hollywood star Mel Gibson on the Chinese remake of "What Women Want". It will be the first time Gibson acts in a Chinese-language film, reports.

Polybona, a Beijing-based film distributor, bought the adaptation rights to "What Women Want", a 2000 romantic comedy led by Mel Gibson. Polybona has raised Andy Lau's remuneration from 1.55 million U.S. dollars to 2.32 million.

In the Chinese version, 90 percent of the story will stay the same as in the Hollywood version, where Mel Gibson plays a manager at an advertising company who accidentally becomes able to read women's minds. He uses this ability to get promoted and marry a beautiful woman. In the Chinese version, however, Andy Lau will play a divorced man with a son. After accidentally getting the ability to read women's minds, he makes a girl - played by Fan Bingbing - fall in love with him.

Director Chen Daming added a new character to the film and invited Gibson to play the role. Gibson, considering the Chinese film market very important, was also interested in the idea of acting in a Chinese version of his own film, the report says.

"What Women Want" will begin shooting next month. Chinese actress Gong Li's participation should be confirmed within two weeks, according to Chen.

The film is scheduled to hit Chinese cinemas next Valentine's Day.

Credit - CRI


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