Friday, April 23, 2010

Lights, camera, Aaron!

SINGAPORE : When Aaron Kwok first staged his De Show Reel Tour, it caused a sensation. The stage, for one, rotates 450 degrees (that's 360 degrees horizontally, and 90 degrees vertically), and even includes a small water pool. It was dubbed "the most outstanding and spectacular concert of the year", and even got into the Guinness Book Of World Records for World's Largest Indoor Revolving Stage.

That, plus the 45-year-old's gruelling schedule - in between tour dates, he was shooting for movies, and he has been on the road since 2008 - means that he has probably had more than his fair share of challenges.

This reporter, too, has been dealing with similarly daunting challenges - like trying to conduct an email interview in a language he's not fluent in. And the replies came in traditional Chinese characters, not the simplified version we were taught in school.

But thanks to online translators, as well as a few helpful colleagues and friends, we can now present the interview in English (kind of). This, of course, means the correspondence now reads like Kwok has fallen on his head a few times and developed an unnatural obsession with exclamation marks.

Me: What surprises have you planned this time?

Aaron: I'm very happy to stage another concert in Singapore! This time, there'll be a lot of new costumes and dances, and everyone will see a fitter Aaron Kwok, and will have a good time! You can rest assured!

Okay then! Resting away! Assuredly!

What's it like winning all these awards, especially the Guinness Book Of World Records? Do you feel pressure to up the ante for the next project?

I am very honoured that the Reel Show and the revolving stage got into the Guinness World Record for a Chinese concert. I think it's a glorious record of achievements. But these past years, I have too many "most popular male singer" awards! As an artiste, of course I'm glad to receive the awards! But because each concert or album has a creative life of its own, you only use your own charm to attract fans to come and enjoy your work! Besides, I'm thinking of doing musicals next - which is a completely different interpretation from concerts. So, more pressure or no pressure, these things are a driving force for what I do next!

You've been doing this for a long time. What is the most important lesson you've learnt?

I've learned to believe that hard work and study will get you where you want to go to - and I have adhered to that! But after you get to a certain stage, it is necessary to ... discover the new you. You know, do not repeat too much of the same work, and you can have a breakthrough.

How long do you want to keep doing concerts of this scale?

Actually, I don't plan to do a concert next. It is my dream to be in a musical!

How about your movie career - would you like to do that full time?

Right now, I am shooting three movies ... including one about black magic! As to whether the business focus shift, I will put a little more time on movies, but I will not give up a stage career! It's about trying to achieve a balance - I like doing both!

How long do you want to keep on singing?

The stage show will always be my life-long career. That's the job I fell in love with for so many years, how can I give it up? But the challenge is doing both: Film and stage are part of my professional life!

Credit - CNA


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