Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jang Hyuk regrets dodging his army enlistment

Actor Jang Hyuk has revealed his thoughts about him dodging his army enlistment a few years back on the April 6th episode of Win Win, which became one of the most painful memories of his life.

Back in 2004, both Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun were at the peak of their careers when they were called up for the army. But it was later found out that they had tried to evade being drafted into the army, by taking a drug which would make them fail the health test. After intense scrutiny from all quarters of society, they both entered the army and finished their service in 2006.

Jang Hyuk said in tears, “That moment of folly, bought upon the biggest crisis of my life. I actually have a pretty positive attitude towards life but I was passive and apathetic back then, and simply couldn’t see a future or any hope.”

He added, “I felt that I should be responsible for my error and thus begun to train really hard in the army. After 5 weeks of basic military training, I won the admiration of my superiors and even got an award for my efforts. Through the hard work that I put in, my fellow army mates who had looked down on me initially, started to see me in a different light and warmed up to me.”

He was also thankful for the opportunities after his release, “I was worried initially that I wouldn’t be able to continue my acting career. So I was very happy to be chosen by the production team of Thank You after my release. I am also thankful for the opportunity to play a slave hunter in Chuno recently.”

Jang Hyuk’s next project will be playing the leading role in the Chinese adaptation of popular Korean drama, All About Eve, opposite Chinese actresses Dan Zhu and Cheryl Yang. The drama is scheduled for a September 2010 release.



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