Monday, April 19, 2010

S.H.E reveal solo career plans for 2010

The three members girls group S.H.E. announced at a press conference in Singapore that each will pursue a solo career in 2010. There was no mention of the group dissolving.

The name S.H.E. came from the first letter of each of the band member's name Selina Ren, Hebe Tian and Ella Chen.

SINGAPORE: Taiwan Mando-pop trio S.H.E revealed their solo career plans for 2010 at a press conference during the opening ceremony of SMRT's Circle Line, at Stadium Station on Saturday.

Selina, 28, said she will soon be hosting a television programme, with negotiations "very close to completion".

While the singer, whose father Ren Mingting was also a television host, declined to elaborate on what kind of show it will be as "that detail has not been confirmed yet", she said she "would like to try a food-related programme or a game show".

Hebe, on the other hand, is gearing up to release her first solo album and is in the midst of collecting songs for it. She also said she is working on her media skills as she will have to promote her album alone, without her bandmates.

"I am very worried. I have to face the media and take interviews. I am worried I am not up to the task so I am practising," said the 27-year-old.

Ella, 28, who recently appeared in the Taiwanese drama "Down With Love", said she will be "preparing to appear in a movie as discussions are almost complete" and hoped that fans will be supportive of her film debut.

Despite their candid revelations on their solo career plans, there was no talk about the group dissolving.

S.H.E's music label, HIM International Music, had previously stated that while the trio may embark on solo careers, the group will be kept intact.

Credit - CNA


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