Monday, April 26, 2010

Bosco Wong doesn't want to get spoiled by Myolie Wu

Bosco Wong was at the Metro Radio promoting his new song "Across the mountain across the hill" yesterday. Talking about the song strikes a similarity to a cartoon movie theme song, Bosco responded by saying that song does sound a bit like "Ninja Healer". He went on to say in fact this is a love song. The lyric says that he wants to finish his work quickly so that he can go on holiday with his girl friend. Speaking about earlier when Bosco was found out that he went on holiday with Myolie Wu, he was asked if the song reminded him of that holiday. Bosco was embarrassed and changed the topic straight away by saying his left leg has been hurting him for a while. He didn't have time to see the doctor until yesterday. He saw the doctor just before his interview at the Metro Radio, that is why he was late. When asked what the doctor had said to him, Bosco said he has to see a specialist and needs to go to hospital to have some x-ray for his leg. Bosco said "But I haven't even got time to go to the hospital. (You need someone to look after you.) My dog doesn't even care about me. But I am a big boy, I don't need people to look after me or spoil me. (Did Myolie ask how you are?) Yes, a lot of my fans also ask how I feel."

Translator: R.E.D @ asianvn


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