Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gigi lai spotted shopping in Central Hong Kong

Gigi Lai is 6 months pregnant, she was confirmed to be carrying twins. Gigi was seen shopping with her nanny and friend in Central the other day. The reporter went up to ask her how she was feeling ? Gigi did not reply but just smiled. The reporter saw her double chins as well as her 3 sizes up maternity dress.

Since it was confirmed that Gigi is carrying twins, both families are excited. Husband Ma Ting Koeng even canceled their wedding anniversary party end of January and arranged for her to have a detailed check up at Canossa Hospital. He than asked the servant to cook Chinese tonic for her including superior blood bird nest (頂級血燕) Cordyceps sinensis (特大冬蟲草) and king maw (花膠王) everyday. Their food bill for those Chinese tonic is costing 300,000 HKD a month.

As a reward for Gigi being pregnant, her husband had bought her a luxury apartment worth 70 million HKD, A 15 million dollar yacht and a 1.2 million dollar BMW car. According to source, after Gigi has given birth to the twins, she will get another luxury apartment from him!

Some people speculate whether she is carrying boys or girls. A friend of the family disclosed that Gigi wants a girl, but husband wants a son. However, the 4D ultrasound scan shows that she is carrying one of each. Gigi revealed she will have another child as she always wanted to have 3 children.

Source: Takungpao / (image)
Credit to translator: R.E.D @


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