Monday, March 15, 2010

Takeshi Kaneshiro rumoured to be trying for baby in Japan

We're guessing Takeshi Kaneshiro isn't a big fan of blogs these days.

Widely speculated for hiding his marriage - la a certain Andy Lau - after a blog claimed that the Asian superstar secretly got hitched, another blogger has quoted reliable sources saying Takeshi, who is currently based in Japan, is trying for a baby.

A celebrity blogger exposed the actor for marrying a Japanese woman last December, a piece of news which was denied by his management. On Tuesday, another blogger alleged that the Japanese-Taiwanese actor and his wife are currently located in Japan as part of their plans to have kids.

The blogger, who is staying anonymous, quoted an insider as his news source. He added that the source is a big-time movie producer and there is "no need to be suspicious" of his words.

The blog entry read, "A Taiwanese friend visited and we had dinner together. After some drinks, he revealed that Takeshi Kaneshiro has not been in Taiwan for more than a year because he and his wife are in Japan trying for a child. Congrats to him! He's over 30, it's time to consider."

The 36-year-old actor, a longtime idol to millions of adoring female fans, is known for his tightlipped ways on his personal affairs. He once said in 2008 while promoting John Woo's period epic movie Red Cliff that he would not make a public announcement if he ties the knot.

His Japanese movie K20: Legend of the Mask will be premiering in Beijing today. It is still unknown at press time whether the low-profile superstar will show up for the movie's gala premiere.



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