Friday, March 12, 2010

Sammi Cheng is recruiting a creator for her new MV

Sammi Cheng has joined hand with game site "Go Yeah" to launch "You & Mi say...AMEN" in which she is making the world largest recruitment drive for the creation of her MV. Sammi will pick the best one to become her official "AMEN" MV.

Sammi said last year, her "Trust, hope, love" was meant for her to have a collective memory with her fans. Every song has its meaning. She said "When I visited Mongolia last year, "AMEN" was the song sung by the homeless children. I felt very moved. They haven't got a home, and they have to live in a halfway house. They sang that song to let people know there is still hope in life. Therefore, when I came back, I thought of the song of "AMEN". I hope that song can send " Trust, hope, love" to every corner of the world."

Sammi is hoping her recruitment for her MV creation will extend beyond 2010. She wants to share the songs with everybody. The winner will have "AMEN" as official MV and will also get 7,000 HKD as prize money.

Translator: R.E.D @ AVN


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