Sunday, March 21, 2010

Virgina Lok replaces Stephen Chan's position and duties

Yesterday Virgina Lok attended the opening ceremony on behalf of TVB. However, she rushed into the event late, Miss Lok explained that because she just had a corporate meeting and also she was driving slowly.

It was rumored that Miss Lok will be taking over Stephen Chan's position as the General Manager. When she arrived at the event, she was surrounded by reporters, EEG Executive Ng Yue who was right next to her teased: "can't avoid it." Miss Lok denied that she's replacing Stephen Chan's duties. She said: "There is no such thing. TVB has a solid system, everything is running normally." She continued and said that no matter if it was before or after Stephen's incident, TVB has always followed a set a procedures under the code of conduct.

It was rumored that Catherine Tsang was very concerned about the contents of Stephen's press conference that occurred a few days ago. Miss Lok expressed that she's not sure, actually all of Hong Kong is concerned about the incident, she also watched it herself. Speaking of the golden line "truth is not false, false is not the truth", Miss Lok smiled and said that the phrase is so mysterious. However, the media wanted to clarified the rumors that nearly a 100 TVB artists were questioned by the ICAC, she then used Stephen's golden line to answer: "Our department (artist department) only had a little more than 10 people questioned, false is not the truth." She also said that TVB "opened the city" today because Miss Tsang believes that the incident is beginning to die down, ICAC stopped asking artists in for investigation.

Other rumors say that the artists under the "Stephen Party" will get fired by TVB? Miss Lok expressed that there are no parties in TVB, there are only manpower and resources making ability and there are colleagues who are performers. About the "giving expensive handbags to executives" rumor, Miss Lok expressed that it is not true and that the incident has its own bottom line. If the bottom line is stepped over, legal action will be taken.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AU


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