Monday, March 1, 2010

Joey Yung & Leo Ku war of words at EEG 10th Anniversary Concert

Last night, EEG 10th Anniversary Concert was held in Macau with EEG artists in attendance including Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Twins, William Chan, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung, Yumiko Cheng, Wong Cho Lam and more. Korean star Lee Jun Ki and Jackie Chan also sent a clip congratulating them. All the attendees were split into Red and White groups led by Joey and Leo respectively for a singing battle. In the end, Joey's red team won.

As the leaders of the red and white team, Joey and Leo engaged in a war of words on stage causing laughter in the audiences. Leo teased and said: "Today I saw Ah Sa and noticed that she got a double chin. Then I saw Ah Gil backstage and noticed she gained some weight, losing her waist!" Leo continued: "Turns out Joey actually has two belly buttons!" Leo who was speaking nonsense, made Joey jump in anger, she said to Leo: "You have the least experience in this company (EEG), why you talking so much, and you didn't even call me Big Sister!" Joey exposed her big sister attitude making the audience laugh out loud. Later, Leo was asked if he's worried that he may have upsetted his colleagues, Leo said: "They knew ahead of time! (Ah Gil gained weight?) No! I was just joking."

Ah Gil and Ah Sa appeared on stage looking just like "Twins" and sang their old classics including <風箏與風>, <女校男生> and <飲歌>. Ah Sa said on stage: "Hello everyone, we are Twins, haven't said this word in such a long time. Long time no see, did you guys miss us?" The two then expressed their appreciation to their company giving them support and emotionally teared up. After the concert, Twins accepted an interview and expressed that it was very emotional. Ah Sa said: "Just now I saw Ah Gil's watery eyes, I almost couldn't hold it either, like a heat wave strucking my eyes. Also there were many fans who came and was really enthusiastic. Just seeing them, I'm already crying." Ah Gil frankly said that her confidence increased by the warm support Twins got, she said: "They have always supported us, I think they pictured this duet for a long time already."

Also, Joey and Wong Cho Lam appeared as a 'couple team' hand in hand as they duet a classic song together, which was the peak of the concert. Joey disguised herself as a guy and hugged Cho Lam tightly from the back, it was a very funny scene. In the end, the two were unable to hold in their laughter. As about switching male and female roles with Cho Lam, Joey implied that Cho Lam was short, she said: "If I was in front of him, then I would be covering him!" Towards Twins' performance together, Joey expressed that it was very emotional: "No matter what happened on stage, this moment belongs to them!"

Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @


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