Friday, March 26, 2010

Ekin Cheng hopes to become a film director in a few years' time

Ekin Cheng, Alex Law, the producer and Mabel Cheung congratulated Chan Kwong Wing, Lo Kwok Sing and Tsang King Lai who have won "Best music" "Best Visual Effects" and "Best Sound" for "The Kingdom of Soloman-Part one:A Sedition in Jerusalem" in the 28th Iranian Film Festival award ceremony.

Ekin revealed that he is indebted to Chan Kwong Wing, who had helped him a lot in his singing career. He was very happy for Chan to have won the award. He mentioned that he would like to become a director in a few years' time. A magazine recently reported that Ekin is a very loyal person who never stayed away from his friend Chin Kwok Wai when he was arrested by ICAC. Ekin said "When a friend is in need, I will help. I hope he gets himself sorted. This friend of mine is a very talented person. I believe he could do better. Life is a challenge, being tested ll the time. When there is a risk, there is a hope." Ekin was asked if he heard Chin Kwok Wai said he was being alienated by his friends? Ekin said "No, his cell phone is overloaded. He has many friends."

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