Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gaile Lok joins Leon Lai's company "couple team"; Miriam Yeung zero interaction

HK singer Miriam Yeung

Gaile Lai

Gaile Lok recently joined Leon Lai's management company Amusic, making money as an actual couple team. Last night, she accepted her first job since joining the company as a guest for the opening ceremony of an I.T company. Amusic and Gaile's old model company CalCarries also sent out their models for the event. Gaile explained that although her contract with CalCarries is terminated, but they will still continue to collaborate, just that accepting jobs will be managed by Amusic. Miriam Yeung was also attended the event, though her contract with Amusic ended, she calmly said that she's an alien, not sure if Gaile and Leon are going to be a couple team, they don't have too much interaction when they meet.

Asked if its because of her relationship with Leon that she signed the contract? She has worked for Calcarries for 10 years and they are like a family. Now that she's married, it's like Calcarries is marrying out their daughter, she will go back to visit them on holidays. Will she film movies? She said that modeling jobs is her focus, she will look at charity work, but in the future she may develop in other industries too.

Miriam expressed that she is not sure about Gaile signing with Leon's management, she implied that she's just an alien, she said: "I am an alien, I don't know, I'm just worrying about myself!" Speaking of her contract ending with Amusic, officially ending the relationship with Leon, it was rumored that she'll be joining Capital Artists East Asia. Last night, she admitted that her contract has ended and currently she's focused on filming movies. But she has a mandarin album to release, which will be handled by East Asia, Amusic participates in the production too.

Asked if she would sign with Capital Artists? She said that it's her company, but she's currently discussing with East Asia on a manager contract, contract renewel is not cheap. She said that if she decides not to renew her contact, unless she's leaving the entertainment circle, she'll still do other work with her husband Real Ting, like a housewife, let her husband be the manager. Is it because Amusic doesn't have enough freedom? She said that freedom is on her own hands, rumors that she and Leon did not get along are just what others say, it is something interesting, but it's not the truth.

Gaile Lok joins Leon Lai's company "couple team"; Miriam Yeung zero interaction
Tuesday March 2, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @


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