Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joey Yung Lights up Sydney with starlight spectacular

picture Xinhua

picture Xinhua

Asian pop star Joey Yung presented a spectacular Starlight Concert performance to thousands of fans at the Sydney Entertainment Center on Sunday night.

The show was a good mix of romantic love songs and fast-paced dance music with attractive cyber costumes and laser lighting effects. The highlights included police sirens and machine gun sounds as Yung appeared on stage to sing and dance "Escape". She performed her famous "tilting" move while being lifted off the ground by her dancers.

The pop queen sang and danced to a medley of her most popular fast songs with a group of exotic dancers. The atmosphere was electric with a special fireworks display creating a surprising and spontaneous effect. A large portion of the young audience waved their glowing light sticks and moved to the beat of the music.

Among the many Cantonpop songs that have been performed by Yung, "My Pride" is her personal favorite. This "golden song" has brought Yung more than 50 awards in different parts of the world including the United States, Canada and China.

"I hope the message in my music can encourage the young people in a positive way with songs like 'My Pride', 'Be Strong' and 'Amazing Grace'," she told Xinhua.

"I wish I could be a positive role model for the young people and inspire them to set their life goals and endeavor to achieve them."

Yung believes her passion in music and persistence has led to success in her life.

"Despite the difficulties and setbacks that have arisen in my career over the last 10 years, I have never given up. It is so important to be persistent and resolute in your desire to fulfill your dreams," she said.

By Mimi Chau



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