Friday, March 26, 2010

Louis Koo & Sandra Ng have supernatural power in new film

Louis Koo, Sandra Ng and Peter Chan attended "Fantastic Crazy" press conference yesterday. Louis dressed up as an oriental "Batman" and Sandra was in red. They play the role as a couple having supernatural power. Sandra said "Since we both have supernatural power, there are lots of incredible stunts involving waist bending and body stretching. The cups and saucers in the room were all broken." Louis added "Sure sure." Sandra said Peter, her husband is the film producer, he should be there watching the shooting of the film, but he left half way. Sandra went on to say "In fact, that was the day when the film had its blessing ceremony. He was only there for that occasion. After he had gone, I was more relaxed." Louis said although he and Sandra have worked together a few times, it was the first time they play the role as a couple. He didn't feel very comfortable at first.

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