Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daniel Henney heads to the "Outback"

Daniel Henney, a Korean-American model and actor, will make his first appearance on a reality show, tentatively named “Daniel Henney Goes to Outback,” beginning on April 2 on the local cable network O’live.

Henney stated his feelings about his first experience at a press event held on March 22. “Unlike the TV dramas, a reality show doesn’t have any fixed rhythms, so it was much harder than I expected,” he said. “But still, it was interesting work.”

Daniel Henney Goes to Outback is an adventure reality show about Henney and Park Seong-woo’s journey in western Australia. Park is the winner of the latest cooking contest dubbed “It Chef,” which was hosted by the global restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse. Both travelled there to reinvent the restaurant’s New Year’s limited menu.

The production crew said that they are planning to return to Australia to prepare for the show’s next season.



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