Monday, March 1, 2010

Choi rids herself from the announcer image

Choi Song-hyeon is no longer an announcer!

She is now an actress.

Choi is in the new drama, "Prosecutor Princess" where she will be the professional and thorough prosecuter Jin Jeong-seon.

She was a special actress in the "Gourmet" and "Smile, Love" as a warming up drama. she will be in this bigger role in the new drama showing the development of a woman prosecuter taking steps in the pursuing of her career through many episodes. Kim So-yeon is in the drama as Ma Hye-ri.

Choi's character is the opposite of Kim's character who loves to look good rather than work hard.

Choi hopes that she will be able to wear out from the announcer and reporter image to become a real actress.


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