Friday, March 26, 2010

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok named their daughter 林天若

Frankie Lam had an interview with Char Siu Yan at the commercial radio yesterday. He revealed that he had named his daughter "林天若". Frankie said "Just like the movie "A Moment of Romance" (天若有情). I feel the name sounds very nice and gentle, not many people chose this name."

Frankie admits that he is a "benevolent father", he couldn't bear to hear her cry. The moment she starts crying, he would go up to her and pick her up. He went on to say "I came home the other day, Kenix said the baby was crying and she let her cry for 45 minutes. She asked me not to get upset when I heard that." Frankie was asked if Kenix gets jealous because he loves his daughter so much? He replied "No, both of them are my treasure." Frankie smiled and said when his daughter grows up, he would tell her to let him know if she wants to go to Christmas party, he won't disturb her, but he would watch her from a distance. Reporter asked if Kenix laughed and thought he is sick after she heard what he said? Frankie replied "I don't want my daughter to get bullied."

Kelly Chen once said she would encourage her son "Har Gau boy" to chase after Frankie's daughter. Frankie said "I will let the young generation develop freely. "Har Gau boy" is so cute. When he grows up, we shall see if "Tin Yurk Har Gau"(天若蝦餃) matches each other!"

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