Monday, March 22, 2010

Tavia Yeung attended a catwlak for a UK brand

Tavia Yeung attended a catwalk show this afternoon for a UK brand, Ted Baker. When they asked her whether she knows the matter regarding Mr Ou replacing Mr Stephen Chan in all his duties, she said, “Mr Ou? I met him before. I know which one. But actually, there are no such things as replace or not replace. Some peoples may go and some peoples may come.” When asked whether there are any effects on her job due to personnel changes, Tavia said, “I only film series every day and do my own job.” When talked about high level management that organized birthday party last year and accepted many expensive gifts from artistes, Tavia said, “The most I gave were moon cakes. I also gave moon cakes for my assistant. I just want everyone to be happy.”



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