Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aaron Kwok is considering marriage

Now that eternal bachelor Andy Lau has comfortably settled into his new role as husband and Leon Lai has also married, all eyes are on the only single Hong Kong Heavenly King left, Aaron Kwok.

And the baby-faced, 44-year-old superstar is already showing signs of wanting to settle down.

His love life with rumoured girlfriend Lynn Xiong was once again the centre of media attention when he appeared at a Lunar New Year event in Hong Kong last Wednesday. But the actor-singer didn't seem to mind and candidly spoke about her in front of reporters who asked about his "good friend."

The couple did not spend Valentine's Day together, which coincided with the first day of the Chinese New Year. The actress-model visited her family back in Nanjing, while Aaron stayed with his mother in Hong Kong.

When asked if his mother has hopes for a daughter-in-law soon, the award-winning actor said that he wants to focus on his career first, especially with his current world tour and an upcoming musical production.

"Once I feel I have achieved something, I can move into the next phase in life," he answered, hinting at possibly marriage.


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