Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nick Cheung receives complaints for fund raising on the street

The night before yesterday, 6 time Best Actor award winner Nick Cheung was at Victoria Park Lunar New Year market as the ambassador for Sowers Action Student to sell fortune rice at their booth in hope to raise money for children in poverty in the mountain areas. All you had to do was donate some money to buy the fortune rice and you will be able to take a picture with Nick. No wonder the audience was so excited when they saw Nick, shouting: "Nick Cheung", "Cheung Six King".

Because Nick attracted too many people surrounding the booth, the booths nearby complained to the relevant department about the large number of people. There was so much confusion that the booths almost fell apart from all the pushing. The organization's responsible person expressed their apology and told some of their volunteers to help keep up the booth to avoid it from actually collapsing.

Nick was around for about an hour and a half, attracting more and more people. In the end, they sold a few hundred bags of rice, the funds raised exceeded normal sales by 20 times. When Nick left the scene, 5 male security members protected him. Before he left, he took a big group picture with all the volunteers for memories. The responsible person reveals that Nick brought in a huge check, which was donated to them by his boss Albert Yeung under the identity of "EEG Charity Foundation", that check could buy a few thousand bags of rice.

Source: Mingpao
by: aZnangel @ AsianEU


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