Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cecilia Yip's husband cheating or NOT?

Hong Kong tabloid has once again sensationalised an innocent incident and blew it out of proportion. This time the victim of public sympathy is actress Cecilia Yip whose husband has been acused of cheating and showing public affection to his "love interest" whilst his wife is in China working.

One would think that after 20 something years of marriage the couple's relationship would be rock solid that the idea of cheating is completely absurb. No one in their right mind would publicly display affection to another woman other than his wife especially in a shopping centre where there are thousand of eyes staring. I completely believe that the tabloid had exaggerated the story.
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Channel News Asia reports.....
Actress Cecelia Yip's director husband Louis Tan has been photographed by Hong Kong media publicly kissing and embracing another woman at a shopping mall in the Central district on Monday.

Witnesses said Tan met up with the woman at 4pm that day and chatted animatedly with her. Then, while they were queuing at an ATM, Tan embraced the woman and stroked her waist before going on to kiss her when she did not resist his advances.

After their encounter, Tan looked around furtively before saying goodbye to her. When the woman had departed, he looked crestfallen and left after quickly buying some groceries at a supermarket.

When contacted and informed about the photographs, Tan reportedly became very nervous and claimed that the woman was in fact "a bank officer who deals in investments" and that they "were just discussing investment related matters".

He added they he had not known the woman very long and did not do anything inappropriate.

"It was just simple manners, we are just friends," said Tan.

He reportedly got upset after persistent questioning and said loudly that he "will not agree to an interview" before putting down the phone.

Tan had previously been photographed behaving intimately with Hong Kong actress Anya and the late Anita Mui's manager Wang Min Hui. He had also been seen going in and out of nightclubs with a string of gorgeous women.

However, Yip, his wife of 21 years, has always spoken up for him and said that the couple would not let baseless rumours affect their relationship.

Yip was filming overseas when this incident occurred.

Interestingly, when Yip was informed about this incident, the Hong Kong Film Award-winning actress did not defend her husband but simply said through her assistant that she "would not respond".

- CNA/ha


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