Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lin Chi-ling to star as Takuya Kimura's lover in Japanese drama series

Leggy model-actress Lin Chi-ling will be making her first foray in the Japanese entertainment industry in a drama series starring Takuya Kimura.

The 35-year-old grew famous in Japan after her debut acting stint in the history epic film, Red Cliff. She was also recently invited to star as the lead actress in a music video for popular Japanese boyband, SMAP.

According to the Japanese media, the upcoming drama series will be produced by Fuji TV and Lin will take on the role as a model engaged to shoot a series of advertisements for Kimura's design company. Feelings will start to develop between the pair's characters over time.

Fuji TV reportedly had a hard time trying to pick their lead actress as Kimura tends to nitpick on his drama's scripts, fellow co-actors, and sponsors. They originally wanted to work with Kimura's previous onscreen partners, Ayase Haruka and Kuroki Meisa, but decided against it due to a "lack in freshness."

The network then sought after 25-year-old Aoi Miyazaki from the hit Taiga drama series, Atsu-hime, but was turned down by the actress who explained, "We share an age-gap. It won't be convincing to act as lovers, right?"

Filming for this series was originally slated to start in mid-February but was stalled due to the hiccups over its lead actress. It will be pushed back and will air in May instead.



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