Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raymond Lam takes the limelight with his red eyed devil look

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung attended the costume fitting for TVB new series along with Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. Raymond stole the limelight with his red colored contact lens looking like a devil! Towards this new series, Bobby has confidence, he smiled: "This is a western drama with Chinese faces. Raymond wearing those red contact lens looks just like a westerner!"

Raymond laughed and said that he's been really busy lately that he doesn't need to wear any colored contact lens because his tired eyes are already "red" enough. It turns out that Raymond knew Bobby for 10+ years already and this is their first collaboration. Tavia plays a married couple with Bobby in the new series, when they were interviewed, the two refuted each other. Bobby said that its a cross-aged love relationship between them, while Tavia considers herself as "after 80".

I think this hairstyle is so unflattering on Tavia. Not sure Tavia and Bobby looks good as a couple


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