Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jordan Chan weds girlfriend on Valentine's Day

The "Young and Dangerous" actor Jordan Chan is a man with charisma. On Valentine's Day, Jordan wedded his girlfriend of 3 years in a Chapel in Las Vagas. The wedding ceremony was held very low key and the bride and groom was surrounded by close friends and family. Jordan seems emotional at the altar. The couple seems very much in love and happy.

It seems that one of the reporters from Mingpao magazine was present at the wedding and was able to report in details about the wedding.
Below is the news article published in Mingpao and translated by aZnangel @ asianuniverse
Yesterday on the big Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, the first happy event happened in the entertainment circle where Jordan Chan and his rumored to be pregnant girlfriend Cherrie Ying held their wedding in the United States. The wedding was very impressive as the groom Jordan praised his new wife in English, but it was not understandable. The hilarious scene stirred up huge laughter among the audience, even the bride did not know if she should cry or laugh.

Currently 42, Jordan and his girlfriend of 3 years, 26 year old Cherrie Ying (Ding Ding) held their marriage at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas at 12:30pm on Valentine's Day February 14th. Around 10 close friends and family attended the wedding, including Ding Ding's 90+ year old and on a wheel chair grandmother; from the entertainment circle there were Eric Tsang and his son, Michael Tse and his wife, Louis Yuen, Yumiko Cheng and Charles Heung and his wife.

The bride Ding Ding was dressed in a low-cut white wedding gown, while the groom wore traditional Chinese attire. The wedding was presided by a foreign female priest, who misread Jordan's name as "Golden" even before the ceremony started, which led to laughter among the audience. The priest then apologized. The moment they were exchanging rings was the most touching part in the ceremony, the pair were so touched that they could not stop tearing up. Among the two, Jordan was the most emotional as he cried harder than the bride.

The priest then brought Jordan and Cherrie for the marriage oath, Jordan used English to say "Forever love my wife, for my whole life. My wife is my best friend, will always forever be my wife." During the time, he tried to be creative and added one emphasis that Ding Ding is his "most loved wife", but the English Jordan said could not be understood, he turned the statement into "You are the best one in a group of wives." The touching moment turned into a hilarious scene, initially the tearing Ding Ding immediately started laughing. Ding Ding told Jordan: "I told you not to speak English!"

Ding Ding: I will take care of you
On contrast, Ding Ding used Chinese to express her commitment to Jordan: "If the world doesn't understand you, I will try my best to. Even if the world leaves you, I will not. I know you are a kid, don't worry, I will take care of you." Ding Ding had a changed in personality as she switches roles with Jordan. When the two walked out of the chapel, Jordan took the initiative to lift Ding Ding's hand, Eric shouted at Jordan: "It is suppose to be the bride lifting the groom's hand, not the other way around" leading to more laughter among the guest. After the ceremony, Ding Ding and Jordan stood in the front of the chapel and threw the flower bouquet, while the guest fought for it. Results, Ding Ding's close friend got it. The group then transported to a hotel for the private wedding party continuing the fun.


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