Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bosco Wong kiss and tell : Kitty Yeun is a better kisser than Moylie Wu

Bosco looks ridiculous with that hair cut!! I am screaming GAY GAY GAY!! And whats with that shirt???

Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Wong Cholam, Kitty Yuen ((小儀) and Christine Kuo attended a promotion activity for TVB up coming new series "Don Juan De Mercado" at the Ocean Park yesterday. They were playing couple games with the audiences. Christine was very popular with the male artists, they all wanted to partner with her. Kate didn't mind that Christine had all the attention, she reckoned it is quite normal that males like attractive girls. (Is she insinuating that she's not as attractive as Kate?) She told the reporter "If I am looking for a boyfriend, I would choose Cholam, not Bosco. Nowadays, guys need to be special, not necessarily tall and handsome." Reporter asked Bosco if he has bought Myolie a Valentine's present yet? He replied "Not really, we are not old husband and wife, anyway she is not in Hong Kong." The reporter went on to ask if he wanted to give her a surprise? He said "No, I need to promote the movie." Talking about the kissing scene in the series, Bosco revealed that Kitty is a better kisser than Myolie and he is not worried that Myolie might be crossed with him making that remark because they are all friends.

Source: MingPao
Translator: R.E.D @


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