Friday, February 19, 2010

Michael Miu admits there was a 'third party' during marriage

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Michael Miu revealed that there was once a 'third party' during his marriage to actress Jamie Chik as the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with their friends on Tuesday.

Miu, 52, said during the event that he had dated and stayed together with Chik, 48, for almost 28 years and went through lots of ups and downs with her but admitted that there was someone else during his marriage after a deejay quizzed him about it.

When the deejay asked who strayed, Miu replied that it "did not matter if it was her or I".

Miu then went on to thank his wife for trusting him over the years.

"Every man would go out and play, but [Chik] knows how to let go," he said, adding that he did not do anything salacious and knew his limits.

Miu and Chik met on the set of the TVB drama "You Only Live Twice" and started seeing each other in 1982.

They broke up in 1989 due to clashes in personality and Miu started dating singer Anita Mui while Chik saw someone else.

After Miu split with Mui, he got back together with Chik and married her in 1990. The couple have two children.

Miu, who was once part of TVB's 'Five Tigers' with Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and Ken Tong in the 1980s, took a break from showbiz in the 1990s to concentrate on building his business but returned to acting in 2004.

Chik made her comeback last year with the TVB blockbuster "Born Rich" and earned a TVB Best Actress nomination for her role during last year's TVB Awards.

- CNA/ha


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