Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michelle Ye overworked, falls to the ground during film promotion

Yesterday Michelle Ye arrived in Beijing to attend a promotional event for her new film. When she was on stage, she suddenly collapsed to the ground. The people that stood next to her quickly helped her go backstage. White lips were seen on Michelle, after resting a bit, she felt better and said the reason was because of extreme fatigue.

In Beijing yesterday, Michelle attended the poster announcement ceremony for her new film. On stage, a sudden crashing sound was heard as Michelle falls to the ground. The other artists surrounded her to help her up. Liu Ye and Xuan Huang picked her up and brought her backstage. At the time, Michelle was still conscious, she opened her eyes, shook her head and waved her hands, but her lips were white. Her whole body lacked strength and was unable to remain standing.

It was understood that Michelle is currently on a diet to lose weight. That day she did not have lunch and because of low blood sugar levels, she collapsed. Her manager said she was rushing in Hong Kong to shoot a film and overworked herself. She is currently doing fine.

After some time to rest, Michelle accepted a phone interview, she said: "I already went to see the doctor. He said I'm excessively fatigue, and need to take a good rest. Because in the last year I filmed 10 movies and series. Also, I have been actively promoting for Hi, Fidelity." Known as the 'steal soul', Michelle joked she faints when she's relaxed: "When shooting Mainland series Steal Soul, I am often out in the sun, rain or snow and I'm still fine, so the crew called me the steal soul. Unexpectedly once I relax a bit, I faint."

Source: Oriental Daily, [Images: Sina Ent, QQ Ent]
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU


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