Monday, March 28, 2011

Tavia Yeung not competing with Charmaine Sheh

Since Tavia Yeung's portrayal of the evil Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience, she quickly made it up top. Soon after, she breaks into the Mainland market like a tiger seeking intently. At last she was given an opportunity over the Lunar New Year to shoot her first Mainland drama Hengdian for two months. Although she sacrificed her own long holiday break in exchange fot 7 figures of Chinese Yuan, believe it is all absolutely worth it!

China is the 'golden land' for TV series, many artists are heading over to make money, but Tavia was in the industry for over 10 years before she got to shoot her first Mainland drama Harlem. Tavia smiled: "In fact, for so many years there has always been people asking me to shoot series in Mainland, but my scheduled didn't match. It was only until this year I had the opportunity because I have 3 TVB series in stock, so I can rest my mind and go earn the extra income. Although the schedule clashed right with Lunar New Year, it's okay." Of course it's okay! It was said that this time she earned 7 figures of extra income, definitely a fat year for her. Asked how she will reward herself? She laughed: "I actually got a new car several months ago, I'll treat that as my reward." She claims that she's not good at managing her finances, so her mother is naturally her finance minister. As for herself, the next goal is of course become a homeowner.

Two years ago, Tavia won double from her performance in Beyond and her Mainland series this time is also of the same genre , about palace scheming. Tavia could not deny, since Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance released, her income definitely shot up. Tavia happily said: "Although before I had an evil role, it is in fact normal to ask me to do this role, a healthy image." This is also thanks to her many years of hard work and efforts!

Currently Tavia has 3 TVB series waiting to broadcast, this year her tendency is considerably sharp because she still has 3-4 series to shoot later in the near future. As she always has been an artist TVB promoted, she laughed loudly: "Nowadays we aren't competing for quantity, having the most does not necessarily mean you will win. I feel that picking the right script and role is the most important." She said directly not long after her entry into the industry, she was part of the group called "9 men & Wome" being heavily promoted by TVB which included Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye and Bosco Wong. "In reality, since then, there was no 'heavily promoted' in my dictioanry. Even after 10, 20 more years, I could still be heavily promoted. If I personally did not put any effort or hard work, that heavy promotion or now won't have any relation!"

Tavia started her acting career in the TVB Acting class, she appears to be the silent worker type, little news, she's like a bull plowing the field herself. "You have to know this industry is if your hand stops, your mouth stops. Having jobs is always better than having no jobs, so I know that I'm happy when I have lots of jobs." With a tight schedule, it is difficult to avoid working through the night, but fortunately there is Mother Yeung's loving soup, well worth the hard work.

Regarding TVB big sister Charmaine Sheh leaving TVB, is she a competitor to Tavia? She instantly cried loudly: "I completely do not think of her as a competitor or opponent. Filming a series is the efforts of the whole crew, not an individual comparison. The person involved (Charmaine) hasn't confirmed yet, so I have no comment. Ha, but I never thought of leaving TVB."

Source: Singtao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU


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