Monday, August 3, 2009

Actors Barbie Hsu & Louis Koo's secret romance

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Hong Kong actor Louis Koo are rumoured to have been keeping a secret romance for almost a year, leaving even Hsu’s mother in the dark, Taiwanese media reported.

Hsu, popularly known as Da S, had reportedly admitted to her sister after the pair collaborated on director Benny Chan’s movie, “Connected”, that she had really admired the actor.

True to the movie’s title, it was where the couple were ‘connected’, and despite not sharing many scenes together, it was reportedly apparent that Hsu and Koo harboured good feelings towards each other.

Hsu then had spoken extremely highly of her co-star, saying that he was handsome, a nice guy and filming romantic scenes with him was a pleasure. She even added that despite his cool exterior, Koo was a kind and caring person at heart.

After filming wrapped for “Connected”, Koo had even told the media that he had hoped to work with Hsu again soon.

Granting Koo’s wish and collaborating again this year on the film “Forbidden City: Top Dog”, the media also reported that it was because of Koo’s high recommendations of Hsu that landed the 32-year-old actress the part.

In order to keep their romance a secret and out of the prying eyes of the paparazzi, the couple have reportedly only gone on dates overseas and only Hsu’s closest girlfriends are privy to the relationship.

Koo, 38, had once revealed that his ideal partner should be gentle, caring, not too clamorous, and should still be living with her parents.

Hsu, after ending her public romance with F4 boyband member Vic Zhou, had once said that she wasn’t harbouring any specific hopes for her love life. However, the actress did admit at the time that she did have someone who was interested in her.

Koo had reportedly a helped Hsu with translation, rehearsed scenes with her first and taught her what to do while filming.

When previously asked by reporters if she would consider Koo as a potential boyfriend, Hsu had replied, “He didn’t even display his feelings and say that he likes me!”

Well judging from the ways things have gone down, perhaps all that has changed?


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