Saturday, August 1, 2009

Michelle Ye Plays a Couple with Jordan Chan in New Movie

Director Felix Chong and Producer Alan Mak were filming their new movie, ‘Flying Sand Spinning in the Wind’ at Cyberport. The cast includes, Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Michelle Ye, Alex Fong, and etc.

Jordan and Michelle (picture above) play a couple in this movie. There are many intimate scenes, including a passionate kiss. Jordan stated, “The first day we were filming, we were already making out and it wasn’t just one time.” He praised Michelle for being a professional actress and that her acting skills were very natural causing no awkwardness.

Jordan Chan and Ekin Cheng

After filming in “Moonlight in Tokyo” and “Lady Cop and Papa Crook” this would be the third time Michelle collaborates with Felix Chong and Alan Mak becoming a favorite for the two directors.


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