Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kim Ha Neul as a spy in "7th Grade Civil Servant"

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan will star alongside in a new spy romance movie titled 7th Grade Civil Servant.

The story is about a pair of lovers Kim and Kang who don't really know the real identity of their partner. When their relationship fail, the pair reunites to work on the same assignment this is when they each found out aboout the other person's identity. (Sounds similar to Mr & Mrs Smith except for Mr & Mrs Smith are assasins instead of spies)

Kim Ha Neul is a spy agent, her abilities covering all aspects, including disguise, inflitration, tracking etc. While on the otherhand, Kang Ji Hwan plays a new agent with absolutely no real experience.

This "action" romance movie is set to hit the screen on the 23rd of April.

Source: hanfever

Does anyone notice something that's not right about Kim Ha Neul's nose? Umm...


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