Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Underbelly actor back washing windows

Dieter Brummer
Remember him? He's a former Home & Away actor Dieter Brummer. I saw him in Underbelly the other night but couldn't pic out where he was from.

After returning from a 10-year break to play a copper in Underbelly 2: A Tale Of Two Cities, the former Home & Away stud has returned to being a "construction maintenance worker", aka window-washer. The occasional actor says he doesn't mind his blue-collar "plan B". "The good part about it is I don't have to deal with people too much," Brummer said. "If I was pulling beers I would have to put up with guys saying: 'Oh you're pulling beers now and you used to be in Underbelly."

The moral of the story is if you're a male actor from Home & Away you'd end up washing windows but if you're a female actor from the same show you end up with a Hollywood movie and a music album. No? You don't agree?



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