Monday, March 23, 2009

Two years imprisonment for ex-Judge

Former Judge Marcus Einfeld

Australian former Federal Court judge, 70 years old Marcus Einfeld was sentenced to two years jail for perversing the course of justice. The story was... back in 2006 he was issued with a speeding ticket for A$77 and when questioned he said that the driver of the car at the time was his friend Teresa Brennan, whom he knew died a few years ago. His action was so disgraceful that Justice Bruce James said it is "deliberate, premeditated perjury" and "calculating criminality" and sentenced Einfeld to two years behind bars.
In a public plea for forgiveness, Einfeld said that he's sorry for his action and audaciously argue that he's not a dishonest man. "No, I'm not dishonest, no... I don't think I'm the slightest bit dishonest. I just made a mistake."
"I lied," he told ABC's Four Corners program to be aired on Monday night. "I can't say it any simpler than that. I told a lie, which was a disgraceful thing to do and for which I have been paying ever since. I'm desperately sorry for what I did. I'm sorry to my family, my elderly mother and my children. I'm sorry to the public at large because they have been my audience over the years."
He's saying that he's not a dishonest man but admit that he's a liar. Ummm I think this guy is very confuse, to me lying is dishonest. Wouldn't you agree?
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