Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sonija Kwok attacked by Indonesian maid

Sonija Kwok at a press conference today (March 25)
TVB actress Sonija Kwok at a press conference today told reporters that she was attacked by her house maid of Indonesian background, the incident happened yesterday (March 24) at her home. She explained that the maid pulled her hair, bit her arm and held a knife to her neck.

Sonija explained that she and her mother had to struggle with the maid until the police came and took the maid away. She (Sonija Kwok) was then rushed to Kwong Wah Hospital for medical checkup including a blood test and vaccination.

poor thing, she looks distressed...

The former Miss Hong Kong said to the press that the maid went wild when she received a text message from (allegedly) her boyfriend wanting to break up with her. After receiving the message the maid went mad and starting to pull a knife from the kitchen (not sure why she got the knife). Sonija saw the maid holding a knife she began talking to her and convinced her to let the knife go. Tthe maid then heard Sonijia on the phone calling the police she then started her wild attack.

The maid is now in a pychatric hospital for monitoring by doctors



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