Saturday, April 18, 2009

Andy Lau too arrogant to commit to marriage!?

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is upset at rumour that he's going to wed long term girlfriend Carol Chu at the end of this month. He told reporters on Monday "No such thing. There is still not enough love for me to get married."

Lau has been linked with Carol Chu for a long period of time. Rumour has it that the couple have a kid together and that Carol and Andy's kid are currently residing in Malaysia.

Hong Kong medias speculate that the wedding will take place within this month. I however think that they are already married probably many years ago.

I think Andy is a fame hungry person. He's 48 years old this year he still thinks he can get young girls to fall in love with him so he denies that he's married.

Mate, unless to come out gay otherwise you're a married man.



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