Wednesday, April 15, 2009

World's first cloned camel born in Dubai

Scientists have successfully cloned a camel. A baby camel was born in Dubai.

Yahoo7 News reports...

A scientist says the world's first cloned camel has been produced in the desert emirate of Dubai.

Nisar Ahmad Wani, a senior reproductive biologist at the government's Camel Reproduction Centre, says the cloned camel is a six-day-old, one-humped female called Achievement or Injaz in Arabic.

Injaz was born April 8 after an uncomplicated gestation of 378 days, the centre said in a press release on Tuesday.

The centre said she was created from cells harvested from an ovary of an adult female camel.
Camels are a valuable commodity in the desert sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf. They are used for racing and transport. They are famous for healthy low-fat milk and can fetch owners millions of dollars at camel beauty contests.

Image: AFP


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