Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nine arrested in Jang Ja Yeon case

The Bundang Police Department, in charge of the investigation into the suicide of atress Jang Ja-yeon, announced on the 24th it has arrested nine people on charges including forced entertaining, forcible molestation, and defamation.

Of the nine arrestees, three are in public relations, two are directors, three are bankers, and one is a businessperson.

The five accused of complicity in extortion, including the three bankers, had been witnesses in the investigation of 40-year old Mr. Kim, former representative of Jang Ja-yeon’s PR agency.

30-year old Yu Jang-ho, representative of Hoya Sportainment, was arrested on charges of libel, and former PR representative Mr. Kim, who resides in Japan, has been charged with extortion.
Police also arrested a director on charges of being an accomplice to extortion and abuse of office, and a banker was arrested for forcible molestation.

Police investigated 20 people, including those arrested today, and of the remaining 11, five are directors, five are in the media, and one is a banker. Of those 11, four investigations were cancelled, without public comment three concluded without public comment, and four concluded with no arrest.
Translation credit to: Korea Beat

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