Thursday, April 16, 2009

Linda Chung and Stephy Tang out of tune at IFDI Music Awards

Linda Chung & Myolie Wu

The IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award Presentation 2009 was held on 9th April. During the presentation, Wu Yu (presentation guest) addressed the newcomers and reminded them not to sing out of tune during live show. However, Linda Chung and Stephy Tang both sang out of tune during live performances in front of thousands of audiences which was very embarrassing.

Stephy Tang

Linda, Myolie Wu and Gloria Tang took the top sale (HK) female newcomers' awards.

Linda told reporters "I sang out of tune because of the difference in sound effects during rehearsal and the live show. I also know that sometimes I get very nervous and lost control of my voice. I need to practice harder but I am very pleased that I have won an award."

Stephy, who also won the top sale (HK) female newcomer's award told reporters that she sang out of tune because she was overwhelmed with excitement.

Source: Wenweipo

Translator: Hokkien128@


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