Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interview with Ngo Thanh Van

Ngo Thanh Van cropped her hair for new movie
Interviewer: Hello Ngo Thanh Van. Can I call you " a gang robber"?
NTV: Hello! (laugh). That's my character in a new movie. In this film I am a gangster and follow orders from a big gangster boss. I have to complete 7 tasks for the boss to free myself from the life of a gangster. There is also another reason but I willl not disclose it now. You will have to wait and see the film to find out.
Interviewer: How is this film progressing?
NTV: At present the produser is casting for two characters to play my younger brother and Tri's (co-star) sister via the internet. I was impressed with the acting ability of the two young actors.

NTV and co-star Johnny Tri Nguyen
Interviewer: Well, this is your second film co-starring with Johnny Tri Nguyen?
NTV: Yes, indeed. After the first film, The Rebel I have received a lot of offers but none of the roles suit me. There were not many good roles and the scripts were ordinary. I like to do something different and I want to bring new ideas to the audiences.
Interviewer: Although you have not commenced filming but fans are very interested in the 'hot' images of you and Johnny Tri Nguyen together?
NTV: The images were shot for publication purposes. It will be a while until the film is officially released we thought that we would give the audience a glimpse of the new film to shortern their waiting time. Since we have not commence shooting I cannot tell you much about it.

NTV has to do her own fighting scenes without the help of a body double,
she has to practice martial art which result in her bruising

NTV was a model then she became a singer and now
she embark on a new challenge as an actress
Interviwer: I notice you have a lot of purple bruises on your arms, are you traning very hard?
NTV: Yes, I have to train very hard. Johnny Tri insists that I do my own fighting scenes therefore I have to learn to fight like a real martial artist. The fighting techniques of this film is very complex and harder to learn.
Since the new year, I have been training very hard but because my body muscles are not used to so much training I was getting a lot of bruises. As the training progresses I don't get as much bruises.
Interviewer: As a friend, what do you think of Johnny Tri Nguyen?
NTV: He is a very professional actor and director, I trust him completely in his directions. He knows how to make the opposite person feel confortable with themselve and confortable working with him. He has a good foundation in his acting and directing, he has learned his skill from Hollywood. When I work with him, I feel like a pupil and he's the teacher. He taught me a lot. (laugh). I feel very comfortable working with him.
Interviewer: When I watched The Rebel you seem awkward in the fighting scenes.
NTV: Yes, you are right. I am not a prefessional martial artist so my fighting scenes were not real. But I am impressed with my fightings in the film and I think Johnny Tri has done a good job bringing the fights to live. Some people have commented on my fighting scenes saying that they admire my techniques and asked me how long did it take me to learn to fight so well.
Interviewer: I looks like you're in love with making films. Will you ever return to the stage to continue your music career?
NTV: At present I am too busy with my filming schedule I don't have time to pursue my music career. Besides, the Vietnamese music industry is saturated with new comers, the audiences are confused with the music style of these new comers. Many singers have small success but they think they are stars that makes me bored of the of the music business now. I am not sure if i will return to music.
Interviwer: Thank you Ngo Thanh Van for an interesting chat.


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