Monday, April 20, 2009

Yun-ha Takes No.1 in Album Sales

Piano rock singer Yun-ha took No.1 spot in album sales with her third regular album. According to Hanteo Chart, an online music chart site, Yun-ha’s “Part A: Peace, Love, & Ice Cream” released on April 15th has topped the daily album sales list.

On the first day of its marketing, Yun-ha’s third album sold more than 5 thousand copies, a rare achievement for a female singer. She also came in first with a 14% share in the Hot Track Chart, putting a 10% gap between herself and the runner-up. Her amazing popularity is sweeping the online music sites as well. “123,” the title song of her third album, climbed to No.1 spot on the Bugs Music chart in just three days after the release and is ranked second in the Dosirak chart.

Yun-ha’s latest album contains a wide range of music, from acoustic pop and modern rock to ballad. The title song, “123,” is a collaborated work of Swedish, Japanese, and Korean composers and features cheerful brass and percussion sounds.


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