Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aaron Kwok "Murderer" to hit chinese screens

Hong Kong's latest suspense thriller "Murderer" will hit Chinese mainland cinemas on November 1, according to the

Helmed by first-time director Roy Chow, the film stars awarding-winning Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok and up-and-coming Taiwanese actress Chun-Ning Chang.

The story evolves around a police officer played by Kwok. As he is about to be promoted, a gruesome series of chain murders occur, and all the evidence indicates he is the criminal.

Called "Saat Yan Faan" in Cantonese, which sounds a bit bloody, the film's Chinese name has been renamed as "Zui Yu Fa," which literally means "Crime and Penalty", to fit the mainland market.
credit: cri


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