Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ekin Cheng maybe broke because of girlfriend Yoyo Mung

HONG KONG: Hong Kong singer-actor Ekin Cheng's recent return to the music industry after years of semi-retirement took many by surprise. But what is even more shocking is the reason behind his comeback - he is going broke.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Cheng’s actress girlfriend Yoyo Mung's compulsive gambling and her penchant for high-risk investments had almost wiped out his savings during the recent economic downturn. And this is also threatening to break up the couple of three years.

According to media reports, Mung who was recently in Macau to shoot a television drama series, could not keep away from the casino. While waiting to shoot her scenes, she would go try her luck at the tables, starting with $10 bets then slowing raising her stakes as she lost. The actress was so caught up in the action that she refused to leave when it was her turn to shoot her scenes. And when she eventually did, she dropped what she was doing and made her way back to the casino after hearing that fellow actress Fala Chan had made a windfall.

The 34-year-old actress is also a mahjong fan and would often indulge in long mahjong sessions with her friends, sometimes playing late into the night. It proved to be the final straw for Cheng who in a huff, told Mung to move out of their new apartment. To appease Cheng, Mung accompanied him on a vacation to Okinawa, Japan, and even promised to quit gambling. However despite her apologies, Cheng was wary of her gambling habit and their frosty relationship did not improve after their trip.

According to Cheng's close friends, a break-up was on the cards long ago and they feel sorry for him, "Ekin has mentioned several times that he thought of breaking up with Yoyo. However, Yoyo was so persistent and even swore that she would quit gambling and mahjong. Ekin tends to be more hesitant and that is why they are still in the relationship." Even though there hasn't been any clarification from either party, the couple have dropped subtle hints about their rocky relationship.

On his sudden comeback, Cheng said that the time was right, adding that he had never mentioned plans to retire. He also shot down marriage rumours, saying he has no intention of settling down just yet. Mung also threw the marriage equation out of the window when asked about her future with Cheng.

"I'm not in a hurry at the moment. My career comes first. Furthermore, Ekin is afraid of all the trouble so we do not have plans to get married in the near future," she said.

- CNA/fa


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