Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jimmy Lin announced he's a father on his birthday

Taiwanese actor/singer Jimmy Lin on Oct 15 announced that he has recently became a father. On his 35th birthday celebration, in front of many fans he made this announcement which caught the media by surprise as previously there were rumours that his girlfriend/ model Kelly Chen given birth but the rumour was denied.

Jimmy said that his girlfriend of 5 years gave birth to a 3.095 kg baby boy and both mother and bub are well. This is the first time he has confirmed that he's dating Kelly Chen and proudly showing off photos of his 1 month old baby.

At his birthday celebration, Jimmy expressed that after being in the industry for 17 years, he’s received a lot of attention for every step he makes. He also talked about his own family; having come from a single-parent family, Jimmy choked back tears, expressing that it was very hard on his father to raise all 3 boys by himself. And from when he was little, Jimmy’s own wish was that he could have a happy family, but being a public figure, he had to protect his privacy.

However, he cannot hide the excitement of becoming a father, he yelled “I’m a father now!” showing how proud he is at becoming a father.

No doubt this young fella is growing up to be a
very handsome man like his father

Jimmy’s son was born on the 15th of September, weighing 3095 grams. Jimmy said very happily that he is healthy, loves to move around, loves to smile and his eyes are very mesmerising. Jimmy wanted to share this good news with everyone, and he even brought along photos of his son to share with his fans and the media. While showing off the photos, Jimmy yelled again: “I want to share with you guys how proud I feel!”

source: taihainet


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