Monday, October 26, 2009

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lau to film "Rosy Business" sequel

Following the hugh success of TVB series "Rosy Business", the main casts Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang will be working on the sequel with most of the original cast. The title has been tentatively called "Women's fierce ambition" and is sheduled to start filming in March 2010.

Wayne and Sheren were at the TVB city filming promotion trailer for the new series. Wayne was wearing the costume looked like Chai Gau. Sheren revealed that Kiki Sheung, Ron Ng and Suki Tsui will not be in the new series, instead, Fala Chan and Raymond Wong will be joining them.

Reporter asked if there is love between them in the storyline this time. Wayne said there will be, but he doesn't know the outcome yet. Sheren said the success of "Rosy Business" was due to lack of actual love involvement between them. She said "In fact, love without even a kiss is the highest level." Wayne agreed with her, they share the same sentiment, they will leave the viewers to have their own imaginations.

Talking about this years nomination for the TV best actress award, that Charmaone Sheh and Tavia Yeung are very strong candidate. Sheren immediately said "There are more, what about Teresa Mo in "Off Pedder"? Don't take her for granted!." This year's award ceremony is in December, but people are already speculating who would be the award winner. Sheren has been the hot favorite, but recently, Tavia and Charmaine seem to join in the race. Sheren doesn't think much about the two, on the contrary, she considers Teresa as the front runner for the race. She also praised Teresa as a very good actress.

Source: Wenweipo/Mingpao(image)
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