Monday, October 26, 2009

Nicky Wu costly divorce from Ma Ya Shu

Taiwanese singer-actor Nicky Wu has officially divorced from Chinese actress Ma Ya Shu, and it is widely reported that the alimony fees will be more than 100 million yuan.

The pair had already filed for a divorce agreement at the end of last year but was too busy to finalise the procedure in Kunming, China, where they had registered their marriage, due to their work schedule.

According to China media reports, the two of them returned to Kunming on Tuesday to officially sign the separation papers. In addition to the alimony fees, Wu also transferred the ownership of his property, which is valued at around 10 million yuan, to Ma. There has not been any confirmations from Wu in regards to the total amount, but based on his work schedules, the massive alimony fees might have spurred him to accept more projects to ease his financial load.

In recent times, the singer-actor has been juggling both endorsements and filming. He took up a battery and an undergarment endorsement, which raked in more than two million yuan. During the same period of time, he was also filming for a periodic television drama. Wu's close friends have pointed out that "he has no choice but to start all over again".

Couple of days back, Wu participated in a charity show and sang "Destiny", which he commented was his favourite song. Outsiders believed that he was actually using the song to reflect his failed marriage.

Wu and Ma married in 2006 amidst criticism that Ma was the third party in Wu's previous relationship with Hong Kong actress Ada Choi. This time round, it was again rumoured that a third party was the cause of their divorce.

Last year, Ma was reportedly seen checking into a hotel in Hengdian, China, with a Caucasian man only identified as James, and did not leave the premises for three days. Netizens have been sharpening their knives and criticised Ma for her two-timing ways. Some even said they plan to boycott all her dramas. The Chinese actress said that she has heard of the boycott but will not be bothered by the comments.

"I am definitely feeling the pressure but sometimes I wonder why I am giving myself this pressure. I would rather relax and live my own life," she said in Mandarin.

"For everyone that hates me, there is also someone out there who loves me. I'm going to live for the person who loves me."

In regards to the harsh criticisms, she took it in her stride: "It is always the same people who are leaving their comments and these people aren't any great poets or authors. I will not be reading their comments." She also added that she is not able to please everyone but what matters most to her is to touch the person who loves her.

- CNA/fn/yb


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