Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hollywood dream for Jung Ryeo-won

Add Jung Ryeo-won (Ja Myung Go) to the growing ranks of Hallyu stars aiming to make the leap to Hollywood.

Jung visited the U.S. last month for a meeting at the request of a film studio representative. Although she had received some calls of interest last year, this was her first step in actively pursuing a Hollywood crossover. One of Jung’s reps confirmed, “It’s true that she is planning to enter the U.S. market.” She’s currently considering offers for her next acting project, after wrapping her last drama, SBS’s disappointing fusion historical flop Ja Myung Go, and I’d say she’s still best known for her 2005 turn in My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. Hopefully her next project, Korean or otherwise, proves more successful.

Although some Hallyu attempted crossovers have fallen flat, I’ve always thought Jung Ryeo-won was a strong contender. Not only is she fluent in English thanks to growing up in Australia, she has a lovely naturalistic feel in her acting, and her personality also seems to have a strong Western vibe to it (so much so that I think she feels uncomfortable at times in the Korean entertainment machine). Plus, we know her good buddy Daniel Henney is currently working on his American drama series debut with CBS’s medical show Three Rivers; they can commiserate with each other of their respective crossover dilemmas, I’m sure.

Via Star News


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